Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Relay for Life!

Hey Guys! I've been off for a while but here's something good      This weekend. Relay For Life!

Okay for anyone who doesn't know what this is firstly:
 But i will explain-
 Relay for life is like the most fuh-reakin amazing fundraiser we do here in the LM/Norwalk area. We basically raise money for the American Cancer Society by walking in a huge circle. Well, you have to ask people and pledge and stuff, sorta like Jog-A-Thon in the third grade. But really this is so cool and it's a straight 24 HOURS! And this year it's being held at Splash! La Mirada Aquatic Center so:

 But seriously guys, it's a super legit and fun way to raise money for people who really need it. 97% of this money goes to researching a cure for cancer or helping families of people with cancer. And if you know anyone going through it you know it's a hard thing and God be with you. 

  Anyway I wanted to point out a very special person in all of this, presenting Mr.Jacob Burroughs. This man, no, this HERO has raised $478 so far for his Relay for Life Team called Beth Shalom's Family (the text is the link). he is single-handedly running the Relay for Life Table at lunch all this week. please pay him a visit and support the cause. Here's what it says on the Team's Page:
"Our Reason to Relay
We are making a difference by teaming up to participate in the American Cancer Society?s Relay For Life.

At the event, our team will camp out overnight and take turns walking around the track to raise money and awareness to help the American Cancer Society create a world with less cancer and more birthdays.

Saving lives from cancer starts one team, one participant, and one dollar at a time. Our team is doing our part to make sure that cancer never steals another year of anyone?s life.

Please join our team or make a donation. The impact we can make together is much greater than what any of us could do alone!

These people are wonderful and deserve all our support. 

Come on out Guys, show us what you're made of. 

<3 Reina

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